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Can the World's Most Polluting Heavy Industries Decarbonize?

The production of steel, cement and ammonia emit about one-fifth of all human-caused CO2. 

Fred Pearce - 2021-10-12

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World Meteorological Organization Sharpens Warnings About Both Too Much and Too Little Water

The global supply of fresh water is dropping by almost half an inch annually. By 2050, about 5 billion people will have ...

Bob Berwyn - 2021-10-12

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The UN’s Top Human Rights Panel Votes to Recognize the Right to a Clean and Sustainable Environment

The United Nations’ top human rights body voted Friday to adopt a resolution recognizing the human right to a safe...

Katie Surma - 2021-10-12

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We need to talk about your gas stove, your health and climate change

The beloved gas stove has become a focal point in a fight over whether gas should even exist in the 35% of U.S. hom...

Jeff Brady - 2021-10-12

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Dangerous Air: As California Burns, America Breathes Toxic Smoke

Americans across the country are breathing more wildfire smoke - and the harmful particles it carries - that they did 10...

Alison Saldanha, Farida Jhabvala Romero, Caleigh Wells and Aaron Glantz - 2021-10-04

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Warming Trends: Cruise Ship Impacts, a Buoy Inside the Hurricane’s Eye and Anticipating Climate Tipping Points

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, books, cultural events and other developments from the globa...

Katelyn Weisbrod - 2021-10-04

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San Antonio allergist says ragweed seasonal allergies are here to stay

You can keep buying those tissues, because climate change is making ragweed pollen is sticking around.

Priscilla Aguirre - 2021-10-04