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To Meet Paris Accord Goal, Most of the World’s Fossil Fuel Reserves Must Stay in the Ground

After a summer of weather extremes that highlighted the urgency of limiting global warming in starkly human terms, new r...

Nicholas Kusnetz - 2021-09-12

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Making San Antonio a bike-friendly city

An updated bike master plan supported by budgeted bond improvements can transform San Antonio into a bike friendly city....

Robert Rivard - 2021-09-12

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The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings

Ithaca has turned to private investors to help it decarbonize thousands of residential and commercial buildings.

Mike De Socio - 2021-09-06

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Shipping firm Maersk spends £1bn on ‘carbon neutral’ container ships

Eight new vessels able to run on methanol fuel could help save more than 1m tons of carbon emissions a year.

Jillian Ambrose - 2021-09-06

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Power Grids Feel The Pressure Of Intense Storms Driven By Climate Change

Hurricane Ida destroyed major transmission towers designed to withstand strong winds. As President Biden pursues a massi...

Jeff Brady - 2021-09-06

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Our Future On A Hotter Planet Means More Climate Disasters Happening Simultaneously

Simultaneous disasters, like the wildfires in California and Hurricane Ida, are happening more often as the planet heats...

Dan Charles - 2021-09-06

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Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report

Arctic change increased chances of tightly spinning winds above North Pole, authors say, boosting chances of extreme wea...

Hallie Golden - 2021-09-06

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As the floodwaters rise, few homeowners are prepared

Even as climate change heightens the risk, less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have flood coverage.

Megan Cerullo - 2021-09-06