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New Reports Show Forests Need Far More Funding to Help the Climate, and Even Then, They Can’t Do It All

International efforts to reduce deforestation are underfunded and overwhelmed by industries that continue to cut trees.

Georgina Gustin - 05-09-2022

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Warming Trends: Nature and Health Studies Focused on the Privileged, $1B for Climate School and Old Tires Detour Into Concrete

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, and other developments from the global warming frontier.

Katelyn Weisbrod - 05-09-2022

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Conflicting views on the source of San Antonio’s air pollution could hinder improvement efforts

A local agency and the state of Texas say most of SA's pollution drifts in from other states. The EPA disagrees.

Lindsey Carnett - 05-09-2022

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Navistar expanding new SA facility to accommodate EV growth

The increased investment will give the Alamo City production facility greater flexibility.

Scott Bailey - 05-09-2022

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Inside Clean Energy: The Idea of Energy Efficiency Needs to Be Reinvented

Incremental gains are no longer good enough if the goal is to get carbon dioxide emissions to zero, a researcher argues....

Dan Gearino - 05-02-2022

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‘Earthship’ homes made from old cans, bottles and tires are being rediscovered

Old tires, crumpled cans and empty wine bottles are piling up at construction sites across the desert.

Maura Barrett and Andrew Davis - 05-02-2022

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Ending the sale of gas cars by 2030 was a radical idea. What changed?

7 factors driving the switch to electric vehicles.

Kate Yoder - 05-02-2022