Food Systems

Vision: All San Antonians benefit from a thriving food system that is accessible, secure, nutritious, and affordable.

Food Desert

Food For All

All San Antonians, regardless of income, ability, or employment, should benefit from a safe environment that inspires healthy, active lifestyles. Access to healthy food options is critical to this. By eating nutritious foods, we will lower our weight, reduce our risk of chronic disease (like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer), and increase brain function. Every member of our community benefits when we have a thriving food system that is accessible, secure, nutritious, and affordable.

We measure access to healthy food based on the percentage of each census tract within San Antonio that is low income and more than one mile from a healthy food outlet, such as a supermarket. These numbers are then applied to the total population and the result is a percentage of the entire population.
%Percent of Population in a Food Desert


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Food Deserts

Access to Healthy Food

This pink part of this donut graph shows how many low-income San Antonians lived in a food desert in 2015 (28%). This is down from 32% in 2010. The national average of low income Americans living in a food desert is 6%. While our city is making progress, we recognize that we can and must do better to address food deserts. 

Mobile Mercado truck

Have you Seen the Mobile Mercado?

The San Antonio Food Bank is doing their part to feed San Antonians that live in a food desert with it's Mobile Mercado. This mobile, mini grocery store / farmers market / demonstration kitchen / teaching tool delivers healthy affordable foods such as locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables and brings nutrition education to areas of our community where it is needed most. They visit at least 15 locations each month, providing 600 community members with healthy, affordable food options.

Find out when the Mobile Mercado will be in your neighborhood
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Local, Healthy Food

Planning for a Healthy Future

It takes several thousand households to support a local grocery store.  Ensuring opportunities for more people to live in existing neighborhoods, corridors, and regional centers will help increase opportunities for San Antonio’s families to access healthy food. This is what our city is doing when they plan for our future

Food Systems

Healthy Food Options Near You!

San Antonio has programs in place to make it easier for families to get access to healthy foods. Take advantage of these options!

Visit your local farmers market and show your support by buying local food.

Farmers Market Locator
Use the Mobile Mercado, San Antonio's mini grocery store, farmers market, and demonstration kitchen!

Mobile Mercado
Take advantage of healthy food options near you!.

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